Marching Festival Sign Ups Have Begun!!

It’s time!!! The sign up lists are available in Charms now for the 2015 Vista Ridge Marching Festival. We currently have 20 bands from all over the State of Texas signed up and over 600 volunteer slots that need to be filled. We need ALL HANDS ON DECK! …read more.

Show Shirts For Sale!

All students and staff have received their show shirts. It’s our turn now :)

Show shirts will be sold for $18 ($19 for 2XL and $20 for 3XL) at the band hall during the following times:

FanCloth orders are in!

The second round of FanCloth orders have arrived. Distribution will be at the band hall on:
Thursday, 9/3/15, 5:30pm – 6:45pm
Tuesday, 9/8/15, 6:00pm – 7:00pm

Info for Friday’s Game

I wanted to share some info, but before doing that, I wanted to tell you how pleased the staff was with last night’s performance.

We had never rehearsed in Gupton before the Rally in the past, so it was a new thing…

Info for Rally at the Ridge!

The last two days were great days! I hope the students all had great experiences. (We won’t discuss the before/after school “drop off”/”pick up” traffic! Ouch!!) Our band rehearsals in class and after school were very productive. The students handled the class time outside rehearsals very well. Only a few students were not ready with their water jugs. We will continue to keep them safe and work out solutions, but if everyone forgot their water jug, we’d be in trouble. We suggest getting everything ready the night before (making a check list and checking off the box) and putting everything close to the door through which they exit.