Student Leadership Positions

Marching Band

Section Leaders

Section leaders will be responsible for efficient operations of their sections. They will complete weekly inspections, maintain field discipline, provide instruction, serve as positive role models, and assist the drum majors as needed. They will be selected through the first portion of the Drum Major audition process.

Drum Major(s)

Drum Major(s) will be selected through a Drum Major Audition Process, involving chart reading, quality marching skills, use of vocal commands, and conducting skills. Drum Major(s)will serve in the instruction of marching fundamentals as well as the general marching drill. The Drum Major(s) will be the field commander(s) and conductor(s) for the marching ensemble. Drum Major(s) will serve the marching season for which they are selected. In the event that an underclassman is selected as Drum Major, he or she must reenter the selection process the next school year.


Band Council

Band council positions are open to all students in the band program. The band council shall serve as an advisory/action body for numerous band functions. The council shall assist the band directors and band students in planning, preparing, and executing various band functions.


Primary responsibilities of the President are:

  • Plan and guide all band council meetings.
  • Plan and publish an agenda for meetings.
  • Serve on every band council committee and ensure that all committees and council members are performing their assigned duties to a satisfactory level.
  • Ensure that all members of the band council are executing their duties.
  • Assist other band council members in the performance of their duties as needed.
  • VicePresident of Administration
  • Primary responsibilities of the Vice President of Administration are:
    Assist the President in the performance of duties
  • Maintain all band hall bulletin boards
  • Maintain the music library
  • Appoint and train librarians to serve in each band class.
  • Ensure librarians are completing assigned projects
  • Create and maintain a master folder system for music in each class.
  • Maintain copy room operations.
  • Communicate with band staff regularly
  • Assist in the coordination of summer mail outs.
  • Maintain all student leader mailboxes.
  • Maintain all bulletin boards with assistance from the Secretary
  • Maintain a posted calendar system with assistance from the reporter and historian.

Vice President of Logistics

Primary responsibilities of the Vice President of Logistics are:

  • Assist the President in the performance of duties
  • Create a process to select the loading crew
  • Appoint the loading crew
  • Create a system to ensure that all equipment is loaded and transported correctly.
  • Work with band staff and the loading crew to ensure effective loading and movement of band equipment for ALL travel.

Vice President of Uniforms

Primary responsibilities of the Vice President of Uniforms are:

  • Manage the uniforms of the band program in all areas such as cleaning, racking, storing, and issuing.
  • Maintain a thorough inventory of all uniform related items such as water bottles, old shoes, seat cushions, raincoats, gloves, etc.
  • Establish a uniform crew to manage the uniform room.
  • Ensure that the uniform room is functional at all times.
  • Ensure proper care and storage of all uniforms.
  • Administrate the issuing of equipment for check out on a weekly basis.
  • Issue appropriate community service penalties for equipment deficiencies.


Primary duties of the Secretary are to:

  • Keep an accurate record of all band council meetings.
  • Meet weekly with Director of Bands for assigned tasks.
  • Work with the VicePresident of Administration on bulletin boards.
  • Work on WEB PAGE coordination with appropriate Band Booster Parent
  • Assist the other student officers when requested
  • Maintain weekly phone system information.
  • Prepare and copy the weekly band announcement sheet.
  • Assist in the operations of the band supply drawer.
  • Assist in fundraising operations.
  • Maintain the student locker system.


Primary duties of the Historian are:

  • Create and maintain a historical record of the school year as it pertains to band.
  • Work with the reporter to ensure as much exposure of the band program as possible to the general public including the school newspaper, the yearbook, the Hill Country News, and the Austin American Statesman.
  • Collect and compile articles, pictures, announcements, programs, etc. for the Band Scrapbook, Video, and/or Slide Show
  • Work with the Vice President of Administration in maintaining a bulletin board of photographs.
  • Assist the other student officers when requested.


Primary duties of the Reporter are to:

  • Write a monthly article regarding band events to be submitted to the Band Booster Newsletter.
  • Write articles and press releases to the school newspaper, the Hill Country News, and the Austin American Statesman. Also, LISD community relations.
  • Work with the Historian and Vice President of Administration as needed.
  • Assist the other student officers when requested.

Social Officers

Primary duties of the Social Officers are:

  • Plan all aspects of social events
    1. Swimming Party
    2. All Night Lock In
    3. Winter Party
    4. Spring Dance
    5. Band Banquet
    6. Other Special Engagements
  • Create programs for each class based upon assigned group
  • Plan an activity every six weeks for the band
  • Encourage and ensure that section leaders are planning events for their sections
  • Be involved all across the band in all events
  • Coordinate and communicate the meal clean up plans to the section leaders
  • Communicate to the Band Members and Staff regarding social events
  • Work with the Band Boosters to secure food items, etc.
  • Assist the secretary in the bus assignment system.
  • Create a system to accurately determine which students will participate at social events such as sign up sheets.