What to Expect on Game Days

With our first game approaching soon, August 29th, some of the new band parents may like some information regarding a typical game night and others might like a refresher!

After School

Students will attend school all day. After school they will go out to practice for about an hour, come inside and be given an amount of time to dress and eat dinner (provided by Hospitality crew). The students will then go through check off of equipment with their section leader. It would be a good idea BEFORE Friday to get your new students to lay out their “equipment” and visually see that they have everything that they will need. If it’s left at home………..your student will be calling YOU. They will not be allowed to board the bus for the game unless they have ALL their equipment (t-shirt, instrument, music, flip folder, water bottle, garment bag, black shoes & socks, etc.). If they are missing any equipment they need to take care of this immediately.

At the Stadium

If they have all of their equipment they will be given permission to board the buses. We will travel to the stadium and the students will unload the trailer and move to the stands. Students will have a specific spot to sit during the game. They are not allowed to move about the stands, talk to spectators and visit. They are there to do a job……1st half of the game they are creating spirit for the football team and mentally preparing for the half time show. During the last 10 minutes of the 2nd quarter, they will move to the warm up area of the field and begin warm up for the performance.

Half-time Performance

They return to the stands where cold water will be waiting for them to replenish fluids. 2nd half of the game is a little more relaxed in that they play more, receive a visit from officers of the visiting band etc. Bathroom breaks are done w/ a chaperone and in a group in the 2nd half of the game. We ask parents NOT to bring concession stand food to the students or to visit with them during the game. You can well imagine how it would affect the group if 100 parents wanted to come over and talk to their student. No concession stand food is allowed and will be taken up by the directors, drum majors, chaperones.

In the Stands

The band area in the stadium will be roped off and only band, staff, chaperones and sometimes past band students will be allowed in this area. Not only are visitors and passer-bys very distracting to the band and the directors, there is a massive amount of expensive equipment and personal belongings in this area that we don’t think any of us want to be responsible for replacing! If you need to get a message to your student, pass car keys, etc. flag down a chaperone and they will be happy to do it for you.

After the game

At the end of the game students proceed either to the buses or the trailer to load up and return to VRHS. It is always late for us!!!! We are usually the last ones to leave the stadium. Returning back to VRHS also requires some extra time. Students have to take off their uniform, hang and place correctly on the racks, unload the trailer and help bring in equipment.  Sometimes, the video tape of the half-time show will be shown in the band hall.  If you have not seen this process, it is worth hanging around the band hall to witness at least once. It is amazing how the students all work together to accomplish this task. Only after everything is done will the video tape be turned on. Each game night they will see the progress that all of their hard work has accomplished and they are so motivated to make it better each time. Parents are welcome and encouraged to join in the festivities!

It will be a late night! Home games around 11:00 pm; away games…….well Later! Please be flexible here and remember your student is part of a great program and is joining in on the fun and camaraderie and will be “up” this night. Go to the game, become involved, be supportive and your child (and you) will reap the benefits. If you do not plan on hanging around the band hall after a game or contest, please have your student call for pick up…..all return times are “guesstimates.”

All students are expected to ride the band buses both to and from each event.  If there is a very special circumstance where you feel you need to provide alternate transportation, please e-mail the directors, at least 48 hours in advance of the event.  Consideration will be made, but ultimately, permission will be granted or denied by the band directors.  This is in consideration of safety, accountability, and the perception of others who are also in many activities.  If permission is granted, please remind your student to remove all of their belongings from the bus upon arrival at the stadium since we will not have access to the bus until after the game.  A parent/legal guardian must show proof of identification to a chaperone and the chaperone will have you sign your student out on the bus roster.  If there is no note on the roster that the student is leaving early or if someone other than the parent/legal guardian is signing them out, permission will be needed from a director.  These rules are for your child’s safety so please respect the process and be patient with chaperones.

Please feel free to ask questions, we sometimes forget that we have new people that don’t know the routine! Remember, flexibility is the key!