Frequently Asked Questions

Who are the VRHS band boosters?

All parents, guardians and family members who have students participating in marching band, Starline Dance Company and concert band are automatically band boosters. There is not a fee to become a booster. Do not hesitate to get involved because the VRHS band family is wonderfully supportive, positive and fun!

What do the band boosters do?

The band boosters provide the support needed to aid in the success of our band program including providing meals during band camp, game days, competition days and other social events, chaperoning each event and trip, manning the concession stand at designated events, assisting the front ensemble and battery with the loading, unloading and positioning of equipment for the show, fund raising, nursing care, uniform care, and anything else that needs to be done to assist our students and band directors.

How do I find out more about volunteering?

On the website, click on the booster tab and then on the committee link and contact the person in charge of the committee you are interested in or simply contact the volunteer coordinator to see where the greatest need may be.

What if I have very little time to dedicate to volunteering?

The band boosters will take whatever you are able to give. You will find the boosters to be encouraging and appreciative for the time you are able to give. And you will certainly feel more connected to the process, the parents, and your students by spending time with the band family.

What if I have a question for the band boosters?

Contact one of the members of the executive board through email or phone found on the boosters page on the website.

What if I have a question for a band director?

Please feel free to contact your band director during school hours either on their school phone or through their email. Please do not attempt to engage the band directors during football games or competitions as there is too much going on for the band directors to give you the attention you need.

What does it cost for my student to participate in band?

Please look under the Parent Information tab and click on Band Fee Info on the website for specific information regarding fees for your student (wind players, percussion, colorguard). The fees are similar for each group.

What are the band fees used for exactly?

Although LISD is supportive of the band programs, they are unable to meet all of the needs required for a competitively successful band program. The band fees help offset some of the expenses incurred during the year with the balance paid through band booster fund raising.

The Fair Share fee is paid by every student participating and helps offset the cost of the clinicians, marching band techs, and percussion techs. Fair share also helps pay for props, transportation to competitions, equipment, resurfacing the marching pad and the upkeep of the band trailer.

The Meal fee is paid by every student to offset the cost of providing lunch everyday to all students during August marching band camp, dinner before every football game, before and during competitions and for special events as well as providing Gatorade and bottled water for each event. These nutritious meals insure the students are well fed, well hydrated and prepared to perform their best.

The Uniform fee is paid by marching band students to offset the cost of alterations and cleaning expenses for marching season as well as concert season. Because these uniforms are used for many years, it is imperative they are hemmed correctly, cleaned properly and kept in the band hall rather than at home.

The School Owned Instrument/Equipment fee is paid by all students using school owned instruments and equipment to offset the cost of cleaning, repairing and replacing equipment as necessary including percussionist and color guard.

All other equipment is purchased at registration and owned by the students: show t-shirts, uniform shorts, water bottles, garment bags, marching shoes, gloves, etc.
(View the Fees Page)

Are there any other expenses to expect?

Additional expenses may be incurred by your student if he/she is missing part of their uniform on game/competition days. Additional uniform pieces (socks, gloves, show shirts and shorts) will be provided as needed, signed for by the student and “charged” to their student accounts. If the student returns “borrowed” items cleaned and in excellent shape (except for socks…these are non refundable), the charge will be removed from the student’s account.

What are my payment options for fees?

The band boosters accept cash (paid directly to the treasurer), checks or money orders as well as credit cards using Paypal. You do not need to have a Paypal account. The band boosters have an account and there is a link from our website to pay via credit cards. When making check or money order payments, please put your student’s name and what the payment is for on the memo line to insure your student’s account is properly credited. Payments can be dropped in the grey payment box mounted on the wall in the band director’s hallway or mailed to VRBB PO Box 3128, Cedar Park, TX 78630. Payment plans can be worked out individually with the treasurers during registration. (Make your payments online)

How do I stay informed?

The official calendar on the website ( is the best way to stay informed about band activities. Important announcements will be made on the home page of the website as well. Band booster meetings are the best place to get detailed information about activities.

When are the band booster meetings?

The band booster meetings are held on the second Tuesday of each month during the year at 7:00pm in the band hall. All parents are welcome. It’s a great way to connect with other band parents and the band directors as well as become informed about all of the activities the boosters and the band students are involved in. Information is shared, discussed and voted on and the meetings generally last one hour.