Volunteer Opportunities

Front Ensemble (Ranger Roadies) “Boss”: This person will oversee the loading, moving & unloading all pit equipment. They will also schedule the committee members (8 – 12 parent volunteers) and the truck drivers.

Volunteer Coordinator: This person will oversee the master list of parent volunteers who have been cleared by LISD and are eligible to help with the band organization. They will also be the contact for other Committee Chairmen when they need volunteers for one of their projects/events. Knowledge of Excel is very helpful!

There are also other opportunities to serve on the Committees, but not necessarily “chair” them! The following committees will need LOTS of help:
Chaperones (riding on buses with band members)
Med Moms (assist the band members with “boo boos”, etc. during Band Camp & band events)
Concessions (working in concession stands)
Fundraising (various fundraising activities – more details will be available from time to time)
Hospitality (feed the band members before performances)
Ranger Roadie (loading, moving & unloading front ensemble equipment for each band performance)

If you are planning to volunteer, please go to the LISD website & register. This needs to be done on a yearly basis.

Please go to the Charms Calendar to sign up for volunteer slots.


Volunteer Registration Process

The district requires that all volunteers submit to a criminal background check. To do so, please visit the LISD Volunteer Services web site and complete the on-line volunteer application process. Applications are good for a year, however, you will not be notified directly when you are cleared. You may contact the volunteer coordinator (see Booster page) if you would like to know your status.

As a non-profit organization, the boosters are required to keep track of volunteer hours for tax purposes. Please keep the volunteer coordinator informed of all of your volunteer time either by e-mail or by printing this form and turning it in to her each month for the previous month. She will accept late forms, as well.