Scrip Program

Julie Harlan manages the “Scrip” program which is an on-going means for raising money for individual accounts. Scrip orders are typically twice a month. Please see the top of the scrip order form for due dates. Contact Julie if you would like to discuss details regarding the program or make arrangements for orders. Use this order form to order your Scrips. More details regarding this program can be found at the following web site:

 Scrip Order form

Scrip FAQ’s

**Q:  What is SCRIP?  (Also known as “FREE $$$” in my student’s activity fund!!)

A:  SCRIP is a program that links retailers and nonprofit organizations.  There are 100’s of participating retailers across the U.S.  We just have a local selection on our form. You can “write in” any participating retailer from the website ( on your order.  Not sure??  Just ask for more details.

**Q:  How does SCRIP work?

A:  Parents. grandparents, etc., purchase gift cards for the face amount (ex. $10, $25).  The retailer issues a gift card for that full amount (you lose nothing!!), but then donates a designated % of the card value back to the organization.  In Ranger Band, 90% of that donation goes directly into your student’s account, and 10% goes to the band to cover shipping of the gift cards.
Example:  You purchase $25 Dave and Buster’s card.  You get a $25 gift card PLUS your student immediately receives $2.93 in their account and the band gets 32 cents toward shipping.  WIN-WIN!

**Q: What can the account $$ be used for?

A:  The money in your child’s SCRIP account can be used for registration fees, spring trip—all the BIG expenses!!  It really adds up!

**Q:  How does this make my life simpler?

A; Buy gift cards in advance for groceries (no checks, no cash, no credit card!)  Use them for birthdays, Christmas, and the eating out or entertainment you typically enjoy.  You might as well get a kick-back on the $$ you spend anyway!!

**Q:  How do I participate?

A:  Drop off a completed order, including check for face value of cards, in the Booster box by the order date.  Orders will be placed about twice a month.  Cards will be ready for pick up in about 10 days.  Look on the band webpage to access a current order form, as well as order dates.  Enjoy your “FREE $$”!!


Julie Harlan