Fund Raising

The Vista Ridge High School Band engages in several fundraising activities each year. The monies raised from fundraising activities will be credited to an account held by the Booster Club. This money will be used only for the direct benefit of the students. Money in fundraising accounts is subject to state law regarding the collection of sales tax and by law, the property of the school district and cannot be transferred to another student. A student may use the money in his/her account for the following band expenses:

1. Summer band fees

2. Travel or trips with the band

3. Band banquet

Because the above constitutes the vast majority of costs associated with the Vista Ridge Band, these are the only expenses to which fundraising profits can be applied. A student who ends the school year with an account balance may carry that balance over to the next year.


Fund Raising Opportunities

Magazine Subscriptions

Please be aware that the Vista Ridge High School Band can continue to receive credit for magazine renewals and orders by shopping the online store. Go to Then click on online store. Enter the following code when prompted: 253922 for Vista Ridge High School Band.


Vista Ridge Band Boosters

Scrip Program



Sodexo Fundraising Opportunities

View current info on events.

The VRBB have set up an ongoing fundraising opportunity for the students for add money into their individual accounts by working various events and the Frank Erwin Center.

We can sign up to work concession stands for the UT events and theater events at the Erwin Center and a percentage of the profits will be sent by Sodexo (the company used to staff the concessions) to the Band and deposited into the students accounts.

This is a great opportunity to make some money, but involves a commitment and work by the students and parents.

Sodexo sends me a list of available concession stands for various dates/events and we can sign up to work them on a first-come/first-served basis. I would like to create an e-mail list of parents/students who are willing to work the events, so that I can mass e-mail you when the opportunity arises, and as soon as I get enough people to commit to an event I will call and schedule us to work a stand. The amount of notice varies, and is sometimes only 24-48 hours…

This is a great way to make a signigicant amount of money for your student’s account, but I need people who will keep the commitment to work, and who are good with math…. there are no cash registers!!!!!

If you are interested in working at the Erwin Center please e-mail me at and I will add you to the list.

Thank you,

Joell Engelke
(Alyssa Owen’s mom)