Band Fee Info

General Expense Fee


Due May 29th

This fee will be used to cover a variety of expenses encountered by the band program that are not funded by the Leander I.S.D. Such expenses could include, but is not limited to:  marching drill design, marching music arrangement, certain contest fees, excess travel (commercial chartered busses), specialized marching instruction, supplemental supplies, and social activities.

Meal Fee


Due June 30th

This fee covers all pregame meals, specified meals at camps and some contests during the Fall Marching Season.

Uniform Maintenance Fee

Due with Miscellaneous Fee on July 30th

Woodwinds, Brass, Percussion
(We will handle all cleaning, altering, and minor repair)


Miscellaneous Fees for Marching Band

Due with Uniform Maintenance Fee on July 30th

This is due in late July, on each student’s “Fitting Day.” These items are necessary for all marching band members. The items are self-explanatory and are part of the required equipment. Most of this equipment should last throughout the high school band experience.

Fee list by group:

Estimated fees
for Starline Dance Team (TBD)


School Owned Instruments Usage Fee (per semester)


Due August 28th

Woodwinds, Brass, Percussion & Guard
Use of school-owned equipment — Due Aug. 29th

U.I.L. Solo and Ensemble Contest


Piano Accompanist Charge (Due in January)
(if accompanist is required – usually not required for percussion)

Young Artist Competition


Piano Accompanist Charge (Due in April)
(if accompanist is required – usually not required for percussion)

Spring Trip

Odd Numbered Springs

approx. $800 – $1,200

out of State on Commercial or Chartered Air.
Even Numbered Springs

approx. $300 – $450

in-state on Chartered Coaches

Band Banquet

$20 – $30

Varies year to year.  Student organized.


It is the policy of the Vista Ridge High School Band that no student should be denied the privilege of band membership due to financial hardship. Arrangements can be made with the director in cooperation with the Band Booster Executive Committee for students who are in need of special consideration.